BrodyShaw888 Pred 15 urami
BH Zami
BH Zami Pred 15 urami
He's sounds like Typical gamer
malte Pred 15 urami
Sry from the game
malte Pred 15 urami
Pls remove raz to boss
ooshbear Pred 15 urami
Please bring batman weapons back
Jayden Bayden
Jayden Bayden Pred 16 urami
Surely you guys can afford daily competitions or daily v buck tournaments over Holliday period give us something to do getting rather boring no comps coming up
Jayden Bayden
Jayden Bayden Pred 16 urami
I’ve won everything skin from each tournament that you put out but I can’t help to think about the noobs In bushes that are not very good at all but they are trying there hardest to get the skin think it’s time you give to those guys you have people playing it trying there hardest to camp I think it’s epics turn to give something to the noobs after all they make this game go around if you only keep giving to a few pros more and more people will stop playing bring in a tournament for the noobs so they can have something / win something
Jacked Jake
Jacked Jake Pred 16 urami
I liked the music when the car went up the mountain
Lil yezy
Lil yezy Pred 16 urami
Vibe with me🙃
DennisTGs Pred 16 urami
Pongan a Spiderman
Δημήτρης Μακριδακης
Δημήτρης Μακριδακης Pred 16 urami
I am alone in 2021?
Julian Maiden
Julian Maiden Pred 16 urami
I have a idea of Something they could add in EU servers with cars. You know how in Europe, most people drive on the left side of a car Unlike the rest of the world. It would be a cool little detail they could add.
Faded Wolf
Faded Wolf Pred 16 urami
XxdagaxX Pred 16 urami
When fortnite was fun...
RyleyOnIpad Pred 16 urami
I'm about to cry 😢
Meowscles Litter box
Meowscles Litter box Pred 16 urami
To be honest the next season should replace meowcles with me
SpectralGamer345 Pred 16 urami
Even though it’s season x but can we go back?
Toca life plays
Toca life plays Pred 17 urami
Don't stop fortnite 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Supreme Papi
Supreme Papi Pred 17 urami
Ceeday is that you
Us Sniper
Us Sniper Pred 17 urami
Yamileth González León
Yamileth González León Pred 17 urami
Fornite new season 7 chapter 2 kaiju y jagers an jagers y gypsy aveger y mostervers skullcrawle mutó mothra king ghidorah and rodan and mechagodzilla and godzilla and kong pleasse fornite and Island godzilla and skull Island pleasse fornite jagers y kaiju season 7 chapter 2 pleasse
Knox Pred 17 urami
Hey bro wanna hop on after school
FBI Pred 16 urami
Sr. Stiix
Sr. Stiix Pred 17 urami
i started to play in season x and i hate this season but the game after became so boring and sad
Joker_Leo Pred 17 urami
It is not the same when i sawed thir trailer for the first time
Toca life plays
Toca life plays Pred 17 urami
I want the old season back like season 3 when I started 🥺🥺🥺
Lokilo Pred 18 urami
En recomendación después de 3 años lol
Elijah Morel
Elijah Morel Pred 18 urami
Yes sir that’s fire 🔥
Fredbear Adventures
Fredbear Adventures Pred 18 urami
I know you probably won’t read this but Things I want: food fight back 14 days o summer Collab with fnaf
Bot Gamer
Bot Gamer Pred 18 urami
Man this season the best best best best seeeaaasssooooonnnnn I hope fortnite do this kind of season again
Wilson Family
Wilson Family Pred 18 urami
TheEmerald Jacob
TheEmerald Jacob Pred 18 urami
Man I sure do hope this game doesn't get involved in cringe culture
Default Man
Default Man Pred 18 urami
CAN yAll pLS GiVe MMMEEE thE GolDen StylE For LarA CroFT I got the gun as he 50 TIMES and still... no gold style
Martin Avila Avila
Martin Avila Avila Pred 18 urami
What is the theme of music in the first 9 minutes?
S1lentTaked0wn -
S1lentTaked0wn - Pred 18 urami
This game would be sick if they had master chief in it
Mr. Pistachio
Mr. Pistachio Pred 18 urami
and the sad thing is, no one experience the joy of building bases with your friends and freaking out when they find a scar in fortnite anymore
TM سوني4
TM سوني4 Pred 18 urami
اي فاضيين رجعو الطائرات الخسيسة
pizzatime Pred 19 urami
The nostalgia
Kabapple Pred 19 urami
This kinda looks like the Chug Splug
Emmanuel Gonzalez
Emmanuel Gonzalez Pred 19 urami
Yo epic ik everybody finna be like oh nobody cares just watch it but give Fe4arlesss a locker bundle so he can upload. Epic u wont
Audrey Olson
Audrey Olson Pred 19 urami
Apple's retaliation is fair! If you play fortnite but did not know about the lawsuit, basically, apple requires a 30% tax for in app purchases from apps downloaded on their store. However, Fortnite has not been doing that, even though it is required by all apps and is totally rational. This "defiance" is breaking terms of service of apple. Although I do not think Apple needs more money, Fortnite is acting as if it can do what it wants without consequence. Please look up facts before believing propoganda
ADRGAMING Pred 19 urami
Simply Gaming
Simply Gaming Pred 19 urami
Can someone explain this how can i waste all my gold on the six shooter just to die to a dinosaur 4 times🤬🤬🤬😡
Vinicius Oliveira
Vinicius Oliveira Pred 19 urami
Would be cool to get all the mythic weapons in creative
obed alejandro ramirez
obed alejandro ramirez Pred 19 urami
Tio Fortnite por favor que salga la skin Rue en la tienda porfa ya la llevo esperando más de un año, ya tengo los pavos :(
Tucario Pred 19 urami
I will never forget this trailer in fortnite history
Joseph Dargham
Joseph Dargham Pred 19 urami
I love how the ones with default skin are the multitude who is being controlled by the mega corporation, and have no personality. While the one with the expensive skin is the savior, the badass and all of that. How ironic, giving money to Epic games makes you cool...
Wiz Swizzy
Wiz Swizzy Pred 19 urami
This dance is so good and it matches the name good choice
Losing intrest before 2024
Losing intrest before 2024 Pred 19 urami
ItS tHe GuY fRoM fOrTnItE jk
Sans UwU
Sans UwU Pred 19 urami
Tbh I think the zero point may be like a time traveling thing now because we’re getting knight skins first it’s back in the primal and who knows we might go forward into time to we’re it’s all kings and knights now XD I swear I’m expecting a king fish skin next season lol
Romeo2991 Pred 19 urami
I thought they couldn’t talk in the loop
pig plays
pig plays Pred 20 urami
# give everyone the beastboy skin for free
Syncere Morris
Syncere Morris Pred 20 urami
Epic pls gift me aura skin user spicy-banner3
Syncere Morris
Syncere Morris Pred 20 urami
Epic pls pls gift me aura skin user spicy-banner3
Erik and Susan Long
Erik and Susan Long Pred 20 urami
I like you a lot
King Shadow Midas Garza
King Shadow Midas Garza Pred 20 urami
Can I get the boogie down emote and ikonik skin and the scenario emote
itz playz
itz playz Pred 20 urami
Yay more gamestuff now can you fix your game like skill based matchmaking
Firass Diouri
Firass Diouri Pred 20 urami
um i want bbg to win bro he is good fn
Lexa and orin The amazing cousins
Lexa and orin The amazing cousins Pred 20 urami
Thank you father
Andrew Marin
Andrew Marin Pred 20 urami
Why not do a mortal kombat cross-over
Youssif Mohamed Essam Abdelmoneam EL Sheshtawy
Youssif Mohamed Essam Abdelmoneam EL Sheshtawy Pred 20 urami
i have playstasion not nintendo
CGL Sand乂웃
CGL Sand乂웃 Pred 20 urami
Where Tf travis Scott At
Alex Valle
Alex Valle Pred 20 urami
This game is not good apex is beter
Zagi Productions
Zagi Productions Pred 18 urami
It’s all opinion🤷‍♂️
Martin Garcia
Martin Garcia Pred 20 urami
Fortnite my friend got the gold scar first in a match for the lara croft skin and still didn’t get it and his user : BlasterBlake2
Nickolas Sonora
Nickolas Sonora Pred 20 urami
Frost Pred 20 urami
I’d give every skin i own just to return here, one more time.
Vibe Terry6
Vibe Terry6 Pred 20 urami
2 years already...🥺 who else has the full battlepass of season 9?
Kyan Silva Méndez
Kyan Silva Méndez Pred 20 urami
This reminds me of “Get a horse!” from Mickey Mouse
mikeshwets Gaming
mikeshwets Gaming Pred 20 urami
Hey fortnite your probably never gonna respond to this comment , cuz you respond to none of your fans , so please can you make iron mans pickaxe has a silver foil style and backbling a silver foil style along with every other battlepass rank
mikeshwets Gaming
mikeshwets Gaming Pred 20 urami
For example the mancake spire sapphire style should have a pickaxe style and a backbling style
NEEDYEETS OS Pred 21 uro
I can’t Believe you guys put so much effort I to your into the skins and map and shorts it’s nuts
Mr waltonof5
Mr waltonof5 Pred 21 uro
who still uses cars? Nobody
YTGODZILLA KING 2021 Pred 21 uro
It’s not getting me my fortnite crew
Yadira Chavelas
Yadira Chavelas Pred 21 uro
Ur game honted
Yadira Chavelas
Yadira Chavelas Pred 21 uro
Me and my cousin are playing and we were having fun but then things started to spand on it’s own and it was funny in till it happened to mine ur game is creepy now plz fix it or else I’ll stop playing
Witt-Dogg Pred 21 uro
This video NEVER fails to give me goosebumps.
p P
p P Pred 21 uro
Mary Prieto
Mary Prieto Pred 21 uro
Put more epic quests
lowkeyer Gaming
lowkeyer Gaming Pred 21 uro
Team epic